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Hello Everybody! (4/15/11)

Today's advertisement is... Wait, this site doesn't have any advertising.
WHICH MAKES IT SO AMAZING! I don't even have to pay - the only problem is how much space
I can use - but there is plenty of space, just so long as I don't put flash games up,
et cetera. Anyhoo, the site has been suddenly been brought to my attention, and I've been
working on it as much as I could for the past day. The opening page has been drastically changed -
for the better of course. I used DIVs, too! It makes me happy. It gives me much more control
over the entire look and the interface, too. You can click anywhere on the boxes and the link
will carry you elsewhere! Much better than the last. Well, peace out - Jeol

Hmm, did I note that I'm going to be making the Blog look 100% awesomer?!?
Oh... I guess you wouldn't know that. This isn't a blog entry - it's simply a welcome to the site
and telling you what you might like to know that I'm doing on the website and stuffs, so you can be
jealous and want to sign up for the blog and other stuff.

P.S. I guess if I would advertise anything, it would be Clan for Christ, aka C4C. The site looks great,
obviously because someone else worked on it. Anyway, check it out: C4Christ.eu.pn